Welcome to Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojos, whether you are a junior or a senior student we hope that you will enjoy training in the gentle art of


Ju-Jitsu is the ancient art of self defense that was developed in Japan centuries ago by the Samurai Warriors, it encompasses all the

major fighting styles and systems from which many modern day sports such as Judo, Karate, and Aikido have all derived from.

At Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu we teach honour and respect as well as discipline and etiquette as part of the syllabus for all our students.

Fudoshin is a state of equanimity or imperturbability, literally and metaphorically “Immovable Heart” or “Unmoving Heart” a philosophical /

mental dimension to a martial art which contributes to the  effectiveness of the advanced practitioner. A spirit of unshakable calm and

determination, courage without recklessness, rooted stability in both mental and physical realms, meaning that a practitioner would have

an immutable heart and an immovable mind.

This particular school of Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu has been built on a similar concept, “The Unbreakable Spirit!” is represented in each student’s

training ethos in that their mind will not be disturbed by internal demons neither will they be affected by external factors so their fighting

spirit will not be broken.Classes are suitable for men and women from ages 16+ years of age, as a student of Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu you will

learn how to fight, throw and grapple with your opponents. You will also discover the importance health    

and fitness as each belt syllabus demands more from you as you progress.

Lessons run for 2 hours and include fitness and stamina development as well as a complete structured

syllabus catering for complete beginner to seasoned practitioners.

Gradings for advancement take place twice a year and are designed to test the candidate’s fitness and

stamina as well as technical competence whilst under duress.

We hope that you will enjoy training in the art of Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu and that during your time with us you will

not only learn the ultimate form of self defense but prove to yourself that YOU have an “Unbreakable Spirit!”

        Good Luck and Remember...“Train Hard to Fight Easy"

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